Friday, October 22, 2010

Memories of Balboa Island - Newport Beach, CA

I use to live in the lovely coastal town of Newport Beach, CA. If you have ever watched the television teen drama “The O.C.” that’s where the show took place (although due to union regulations the show was shot mainly in Los Angeles County).

One of my favorite places in Newport Beach to photograph, take a stroll, sip a coffee and read a good book is Balboa Island. On the island are million dollar homes with hundred million dollar views (that last part is my guesstimate)! The island sits on just 0.2 square miles so the homes are very compacted. In fact, my home basement here in Wisconsin is probably bigger than most homes on Balboa Island.

The island also features one of the few, if not only, car ferries in California. The ferry takes cars and pedestrians from Balboa Island to the Balboa Peninsula.

I took this shot many times when I lived in Newport Beach and I wanted to duplicate it again since I now have better photo equipment (back then I use to shoot with the Canon PowerShot G1).

I must have brought the Wisconsin weather with me because the whole time I was in California it was overcast including this evening when I took this shot. It’s not the best photograph I have taken from this spot, but it at least gives me a reminder of days past when I lived in Newport Beach, CA (the locals do not call it the “O.C.” - it’s simply Orange County).

Happy Travels!

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