Friday, November 18, 2011

Sleepless and Stuck in Seattle

Drinking Starbucks coffee and driving on Interstate 5 south of Seattle don’t go well together.

This is the classic view of the Seattle skyline from Kerry Park.

I somehow managed to get this shot in between having spirited discussions with fellow photographers on lens selection, exposure and who Santa would be delivering the new Canon EOS-1D X camera to this Christmas.

The next morning I grabbed a cup of coffee in the original Starbucks at the Pike Place Market. Back in my car I headed south to meet my friend in Grants Pass, Oregon.

If you ever matriculated in higher education in America you would be familiar with the following question as seen on the SAT or GRE:

“If vehicle A is driving south on I-5 at sixty miles an hour and random brick B is coming toward vehicle A at seventy miles per hour what will be the cost of the damage to vehicle A?”

Answer: A broken oil pan, hundreds of dollars and another night in Seattle.

I didn’t mind spending another night in Seattle since it meant more photography opportunities and caffeine!

Here’s to lovely skylines, busted oil pans and to Seattle the caffeinated city!

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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