Thursday, January 30, 2014

Singapore my gateway to Southeast Asia!

Singapore my gateway to Southeast Asia! by Sam Antonio Photography
Welcome to Singapore!
Singapore my gateway to Southeast Asia!, a photo by Sam Antonio Photography on Flickr.
Last year I started my six month Southeast Asia journey in the beautiful city-state of Singapore. The moment I landed at their world class airport I fell in love with the city. What’s not to love? The diversity of cultures and religion, the amazing food, clean streets, low crime and the fact they hang (that’s right hang) people who are involved in any drug smuggling crimes. My type of city.

The moment I arrived at my hostel I met John from England. He had been in Singapore for over a week and offered to give me a quick tour of the city. We covered Little India, Burgis Market and the Clarke Quay. We had dinner at a great hawker stall and then headed out to the Marina Bay Sands Resort with billion dollar views and the construction costs to match it.

This is a photograph of the ArtScience Museum (part of the Marina Bay Sands Resort) with the Singapore skyline in the background. The funky frame above is part of an illuminated pedestrian bridge. I shot this with my table top Manfrotto tripod as I didn’t bring my normal Manfrotto tripod for space considerations and for the reason that I wanted to focus more on street photography with an emphasis on portraiture (later on my trip I bought a proper tripod while in Angkor Wat, Cambodia).

I hope my Singapore photographs convey the beauty and splendor of the city-state and that my Flickr friends and Singaporean photographers Rebecca Ang, Charlie Kwan and fiftymm99 find them as an accurate portrayal of their lovely city.

For the next couple of weeks (perhaps months) I will be posting photos from my amazing Southeast Asia journey. I hope you find them amazing and amusing, much like I did when I originally composed them.

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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