Sunday, April 17, 2011

Having a Sweet Time at the Pineapple Fountain

The Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, South Carolina is popular with both locals and visitors. Located in Waterfront Park overlooking the Cooper River, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley has named the park, “this generation’s gift to the future.”

I came to Charleston looking to photograph its beautiful antebellum mansions and to dig deeper with my camera into its rich history. The first day I got into town I captured my “trophy” blue hour shot and now I had to concern myself where I was going to photograph for a sunrise shot.

I spent the first morning along the Battery, Charleston’s most iconic spot, with views of the Charleston Harbor and gorgeous mansions. I didn’t get the sunrise shot I was looking for so I spent the rest of the day pounding the pavement seeking inspiration.

At noon time I was exhausted so I headed for the Blind Tiger Pub (a favorite of mine - sit out in the patio area and order one of their wonderful burgers). After I ordered I pulled out my Moon travel guide for Charleston & Savannah and lo and behold right on the front cover was a photo of the Pineapple Fountain! After lunch I strolled over to nearby Waterfront Park and upon seeing the fountain I immediately envisioned an exceptional sunrise shot.

This isn’t an HDR shot. It is one exposure refined with “Mr. Photoshop,” and with the kind assistance of Mr. EOS “king of the low-light cameras” Canon 5DMKII!

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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