Thursday, March 25, 2010

Door County, Wisconsin Sunset

Another photograph from my Wisconsin series as I take a break from posting my photos from my Philippines trip.

Some of the best sunsets in Wisconsin are in Peninsula State Park located in Door County. It gets very cold in this part of the world so much that bodies of water freeze over (as a native Californian I just find this fascinating). The frozen body of water you see here is Green Bay (yes, as in the Green Bay Packers football team).

As I was driving through the park, on a road that was parallel to the frozen bay, I noticed people walking on the ice and admiring these strange ice formations. They are called pressure ridges which are long cracks in the ice that occur due to repeated heating and cooling. They are also a sign that winter is ending and spring is beginning as temperatures begin to rise.

I have never walked out on a frozen body of water before, but I thought it would be a great experience and besides there were other people on the ice so it would be safe. It was only after I started walking on the ice did I realize that with 45 degree weather (warm for Wisconsin) and the pressure ridges in front of me did it dawn upon me that the ice was thinning out and maybe I shouldn't be out here.

I quickly put that notion aside when I scouted a perfect location that would make for a great sunset shot. When I came back that evening, I was the only one walking around on the frozen bay among the pressure ridges. I was risking death in the event if the ice cracked and I fell in the icy, cold water!

The things I do to get that perfect shot. Please remember I am a professional and do not attempt this on your own!

Happy Travels!

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