Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A City of Monuments, Memorials and Criminals

It’s been about two months since I returned from my amazing journey in Southeast Asia, but that does not mean I have stopped traveling. Since my return I have traveled to Chicago, Wisconsin and the nation’s capitol Washington, D.C. where I was all last week.

So let me give you a warm welcome to Washington, D.C. otherwise known as the District of Criminals!

I have a confession...I am a recovering political junkie. I use to eat, sleep and talk politics, but thankfully Washington, D.C. cured me of that. The crime, corruption, graft...and I'm just talking about the halls of Congress! Apart from that, Washington, D.C. is a wonderful city, especially if you can squeeze in a visit between its frigid winters and humid summers. Unfortunately, for me that seems like the only time I visit Washington, D.C.

For Washington, D.C. and its politicians it is all about access. Thankfully, for tourists you have free access to all the monuments, memorials, Smithsonian Museums and even the zoo! As a result, you may want to try to squeeze in as much as possible on your visit.

So here’s a photograph where I squeezed in three in one!

Three icons most people recognize of Washington, D.C.: The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument and The United States Capitol. I took this shot in front of the Netherlands Carillon. What and where is that you may ask? It's right next to the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial which is across from D.C. in Arlington, Virginia.

If you take a trip to the nation's capitol just watch out for your wallets, not from the street thieves, but rather from the members of Congress who are full of bloated promises and quick with a phony smile.

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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