Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am a Painter of Light! Coronado Bridge, San Diego

A tribute to American artist Thomas Kinkade also known as the “Painter of Light.” As one of the most popular painters known for his glow of the light of windows, candles and fireplaces and saturated pastel colors, I couldn’t help think of Thomas Kinkade as I attempted my first light painting.

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge you see in the background connects the city of San Diego to the city of Coronado. It spans two miles long over the San Diego Bay and reaches a maximum height of 200 feet allowing U.S. naval ships to pass underneath.

The dinghy you see in the foreground are small boats used by “live-aboards” (people who live full time on their sail boats) to row back and forth from their sail boats to shore to run errands.

I do have to say for those living at the foot of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge it must have its benefits: charming views of downtown San Diego, Being close to marine life, views of the bridge itself and of course cheap rent.

This was my first attempt at light painting. The process was pretty simple: a Maglite flashlight, My Canon 5D Mark II, tripod, remote shutter release and patience. With the shutter open, aperture at f/16 and a 30 second exposure I “painted” the dinghy in the foreground.

Now you’re probably thinking I could have achieved the same thing by taking multiple exposures and then processing them in post production (that’s all fancy verbiage for high dynamic range (HDR) photography). I always have my baton-looking Maglite flashlight handy when photographing at night. I keep it close at hand to fight off would be thieves and now I have another use for it!

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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