Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just for my Photography Friends: A Secret Southwest Photo Location

This photograph has been in my hard drive since 2007. For the longest time I hesitated to post this since I didn’t want to give away the secret location.

I had to leave my motel two hours before sunrise to reach the trailhead and then hike for about fifteen minutes to reach this point. Once there I had this magnificent arch all to myself. So how did I find this undiscovered natural landmark? Patience, hours of hiking and cash incentives for the locals (otherwise known as bribes).

So to all my Flickr friends I offer you this secret arch which will probably soon be a classic of the American Southwest. National Geographic I await your phone call!

Okay before you call me delusional, yes, this is Mesa Arch located in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. There’s only a million and one photos here on Flickr and all with similar composition. Either way, this is a “must photograph” American Southwest icon.

And no you will not be alone, there will be plenty of company with you! Get there early and choose your spot wisely because once your fellow photographers arrive you’ll be boxed in.

Nothing will prepare for the amazing spectacle that will soon be unveiled. When the sun appears the underside of the arch will glow a vivid red. Hearts will pound and your camera shutter button will get a great workout.

So Mesa Arch isn’t a secret to landscape photographers. That should only embolden you to find the next American Southwest classic natural landmark. Just have patience, stamina for hiking and lots of cash!

Happy Travels!

Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography

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