Monday, March 7, 2011

Everybody Loves Raymen

I was in Washington, DC for a work related trip earlier this month. I was there for an annual convention but I mainly did a lot of video work. I did manage to get ONE decent photograph of the Washington Memorial. Last week I took an amazing trip along the coastal areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. I came back with some amazing images and a gut full of grease from all that wonderful southern cooking.

It was a perfect week for photography in the Carolinas and Georgia with gorgeous weather in the mid 60s and 70s with no humidity. When I flew back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin the other day I was welcomed home with 20-degree weather and falling snow. I was blasted back into reality when I had to dig my car out from the snow and scrape chunks of ice off my windshield in the airport parking lot.

So once again I’m motivated to post photos from a warm weather climate like my trip to the Philippines last year.

On the beautiful island of Guimaras is the Raymen Beach Resort, which is popular with locals on the weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t stay here too long as this was the jumping off point to board our boat to tour the nearby islands.

As I write this its 30-degrees outside with snow on the ground and looking at this photograph just brings a smile to my face.

Happy Travels!

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