Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Your Camera Doesn't Matter

I met this little girl just outside the fish market in Ensenada, Mexico. She was very photogenic and happily posed for a couple of photos. The funny thing was I had my Canon 5D SLR camera slung over my left shoulder while I took this photo with my Canon Powershot G9 compact camera. Great photos don't come from expensive cameras but rather from the ability of the photographer and the communication with your subject matter.


  1. Really? then, why do you keep your canon 5d and just use your canon g7 or any camera phone if the camera doesn't matter?

  2. The problem with camera phones or compact cameras is that they do not have wide angle capabilities. I had my 5D with a 17-40 lens that day for wide angle photography. My point being is that your camera doesn't matter because too many people get caught up on camera models and expensive lenses. The focus should be on light and composition. The person behind the camera makes the photos not the camera itself. Anyway, my 5D got stolen on a recent trip so I guess it really doesn't matter!